Join Finland’s fastest-growing business hub

Are you dreaming of excellent connectivity, interesting encounters and flexible space solutions? Would you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of an international airport with high-quality services and a central location?

Our modern and modifiable business spaces are located in Aviapolis, in the immediate vicinity of the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There is good reason to say that the area drives growth on the national scale, since it already accounts for 4% of the Finnish GNP.

And the growth continues fast towards the future. By 2040, Avia City – a vibrant city centre with 40,000 workplaces and 20,000 residents – will have been built at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The area is full of opportunities and generous services set in an inspiring international atmosphere.

Except for the elegant spaces, excellent traffic connections and Finland’s most global location, you can enjoy the benefits of our Avia Club concept – a tomorrow without worries.

Middle of everything. Best connections in and out of Finland.

Easy to arrive, easy to leave. Central location and unparalleled connections to make your workday smooth and effortless. Hop on the plane, the car, the train or ride the bus – from Finland’s most global location, the world and your home will always be equally near.

Rapid growth. Finland’s fastest-growing international community.

Aviapolis is the fastest-growing workplace and business hub in Finland. The area drives growth,  since it already accounts for 4% of the Finnish GNP, and the growth continues fast towards the future. You can be sure to belong in the company of the 600 and more international businesses.

Profitable business prospects. Boosted by growth of air traffic.

In 2019, already 23 million passengers passed through the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Owing to the considerable extensions built to the airport facilities, the number of passengers will reach 30 million in the future. Such a hefty growth in the air traffic volumes means opportunities worth being part of.

Space to measure. Flexible contract, no worries.

You will be the judge of the kind of space where you want to create new – we will offer modern and flexible solutions for it. As a member of the Avia Club your spaces will be updated in no time, without worries for the future!

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Questions? Contact us or make an appointment.

Questions? Contact us or make an appointment.