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Avia Club is a novel solution for the changing demands of working life: flexible business spaces which will always adapt to your needs – a way to keep the employees happy, never paying for undue services again. The spaces of Avia Club have excellent traffic connections, and they are located within walking distance from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

AVIA CLUB is a business space thAT ADAPTS.

Avia Club combines the best properties of conventional models: you can have a separate and private space for your company plus flexible space for any extra space demand as it arises. Owing to the flexible spaces you will be prepared to respond to the ever-changing demands of hybrid work – quickly and easily.

Flexible contract, short commitments
The contract model used is a flexible service contract that has a clearly shorter commitment obligation than that of a conventional lease agreement (3 months). Flexible and common-use spaces are available for rent even by the hour, or one day at a time.

Lower costs
Thanks to the flexibility, there is no need to lease spaces “in spare”, but you can have extra space when your own fixed space is not enough. You will never pay in vain, because the spaces can always be proportioned to the actual demand.

Online 24/7 administration of flexible and common-use spaces
With Avia Club apps you can order, book and cancel your bookings easily, regardless of the time of the day.

Increased efficiency and diversity to space use
When the space demand changes, you can get extra co-working space and services – either on a temporary or a permanent basis.

Practical example

Usual situation:
Pekka, the CEO of an IT consultancy firm, is facing a problem with his business space. The company has currently about 300 sq. m. of office space, but the employees want to do half of their hours remotely, which has caused the occupancy rate to come down considerably. There are still a 6 months remaining of the three-year lease agreement. The lessor is not willing to downsize the space during the contract period. Costs are running, but the spaces are mostly empty.

The situation is solved by concluding a flexible Avia Club service contract with the maximum mutual period of commitment of 3 months. Since half of the work in Pekka’s IT firm is done remotely, the size of the company’s own office can be halved. This means that the new office has 150 sq. m. of space allowing Pekka to cut fixed rental cost considerably.

The new contract includes 15 extra rights to use Avia Club common-use spaces, should the company’s own workspaces momentarily fill up or the employees simply want a change of the working environment.

The members of the team can access Avia Club apps also to book reasonably priced meeting rooms or a project office for a separate customer project. Through the booking apps you can order catering and lunch services.

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Excellent location. And the shortest way to the world.

There’s no doubt about it. A central location and unrivalled traffic connections make your workday smooth and effortless. Easy to arrive, easy to leave – at the airport any destination world-wide is close enough, and so is your home.

Updates on the go. Space to suit your needs. Every day.

Room for eight at four on Wednesday, space for evening reception. With the easy-use Avia Club app a wide choice of highly functional business spaces is only a couple of clicks away. Your space demand is solved in no time, any time of the day.

Service paradise. Everything imaginable within 1 km.

A quick lunch, a check-up at the company health-care station or a haircut later in the day; whatever you wish, you can be sure to get it from the generous offering of local services available at the airport.

No commitments. Flexible service contract, carefree tomorrow.

The spaces must respond to the changes taking place in the world. A flexible service contract will safeguard your tomorrow, so you can be free from worries and fully focus on the future of working life.

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