AVIA Real Estate is a property investment and development company operating in the airport environment which owns, manages and leases business spaces at a unique location. We develop future spaces at Finland’s most mobile spot where people can thrive – spaces that inspire, work wonders, encourage innovation and help build your future. Spaces where every day is a holiday, freed from the constraints of conventional leasing models.

AVIA Real Estate is especially known as a developer of the Aviapolis area. We own, manage and lease business spaces to the varying demands of companies in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport area. We accompany the client at all stages of growth. Creating opportunities for our clients to sharpen their competitive edge we offer the most business-friendly conditions for the demands of present-day working life.

We have a strong vision for the future of the entire Aviapolis area. We create new offering around our existing spaces, an internationally interesting Avia City where the companies, residents and travellers feel comfortable and thrive. Our projects are developed in close co-operation with the City of Vantaa.

Our property portfolio includes the Hilton Hotel and the office buildings Avia Pilot, Avia Wing and Avia Fleet. In the airport and Aviapolis area we have approximately 170,000 square metres of existing building stock and approximately 400,000 floor-area square metres of building right.

What makes us different from other property investment companies is the unique location, but also our exceptionally wide offering of business spaces for many different demands. As a leading property developer of the airport area we have the tools and skill to create space solutions that attract talent, encourage co-operation and adapt to quick market changes.

How we came to be – a brief overview of the past


The state-owned Finnish Civil Aviation Administration identifies a demand to incorporate a subsidiary for developing facilities in the airport area from the viewpoint of land use and user needs. A new subsidiary – Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oyj – Airport Real Estates Plc. – is created. The provision of basic aviation services remains with the Civil Aviation Administration, but the premises are transferred to the newly-founded Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oyj. The name of the new company is abbreviated as LAK.

In conjunction with the founding of LAK, the Civil Aviation Administration Board of Directors sell two properties to LAK, namely the TNT freight terminal building owned by the Civil Aviation Administration and the office building vacated from their use at Siipitie 8. Over 20 years later, the same buildings are still in the ownership of the present Avia Real Estate.


The Finnish Civil Aviation Administration presently named Finavia Oyj is still the sole owner of LAK. The first division takes place in January 2017 when 90% of the former Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oyj (LAK) is transferred to a new company called LAK Real Estate Oy.

At the same time, the real estate company KOy Lentäjäntie 1, incorporated simultaneously with the original LAK back in the 90s, is transferred to the new LAK.


In early 2018, Pontos Oy and NREP Oy agree on ownership and financing arrangements with Finavia. Owing to the transaction, LAK Real Estate gets two experienced companies engaging in  property development based on long-term capital as their co-owners along with the committed State partner Finavia.

After the arrangement, the ownership of shares in LAK is distributed between Finavia (49%), NREP (31%) and Pontos (20%).


LAK Real Estate is renamed as AVIA Real Estate Oy. The company’s original mission to be a key player in the business space offering of the airport area remains in the core of the company’s business activity to this day. AVIA Real Estate differs from other property investment companies by its unique location and an exceptionally wide offering of business premises for different demands.