Cookie statement

Updated 8 September 2023

This cookie statement applies to all websites (further referred to as “the Website”) of Avia Management Oy (further also referred to as “we” or “us”) and social media channels. Avia Management Oy is a company registered in Finland and domiciled at the address Rahtitie 3, 01530 Vantaa. We maintain the Website as the Register Keeper under the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU 2016/679).

Our Website and social media channels use cookies and similar technologies to implement and develop the Website and our services, to improve and analyse the user experience as well as to target marketing related to the services provided by us or our partners. If you visit our Website and if cookies are allowed by your web browser settings you will be deemed to have accepted the use of cookies on the Website. You can influence the way cookies are used by making individual adjustments as described below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on the user’s device as they visit a website. The text file contains a small amount of information which the Internet server can read when the user visits the same website the next time. Cookies are useful to you for several reasons: for example, they help us remember your username or language preferences.

We typically use information gathered with the aid of cookies for the following purposes:

Strictly necessary cookies and provision of services: These cookies are strictly necessary to ensure the operation of our websites and to deliver a fluent user experience. These cookies do not collect information that would allow identifying the user.

Analytical cookies that improve the website: By monitoring these cookies we can improve the functionality of our websites. For example, we get information on the parts of our websites that are most popular, where the users go to, or from, our website, and how long they stay. We get information about  preferred articles (to find out which topics are trending) and the efficiency of marketing. Our websites use the cookies of Google Analytics and Leadfeeder.

Marketing cookies: These cookies help us personalise the contents in order to target contents to individual users based on their earlier web behaviour. We use third-party advertising cookies to present our products both on our own websites and those of third parties. You can disable certain third-party advertising cookies from third-party management websites.

Social media cookies: Our websites can contain links and plugins to third-party websites, products, services and social media accounts (such as LinkedIn and Twitter). The social media plugins maintained by third parties on our websites are downloaded from the servers of said services in which case the third party can set cookies of their own. Such third-party services and applications shown on our websites are governed by third-party data protection policies. We recommend getting familiar with the respective third-party data protection policies.

How can I influence the use of cookies? You can view the cookie settings on your web browser according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want, you can prevent the browser from saving cookies having disabled them in your browser settings.

With regard to advertising cookies, you can familiarise yourself with the browser-based marketing and privacy protection and manage related settings from Your Online Choices. From this Website you can enable or disable marketing targeted by either all, or certain individual companies. From your browser settings you can also disable cookies any time. Web browsers are different – to change the cookie settings, check out the instructions in Settings on your web browser.

You can opt out from the use of Google Analytics by loading and enabling the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on on your browser.

In some cases deleting cookies can slow down the navigation on our webpages or deny access to some pages altogether. Some cookies used on our websites are managed by third parties whereby you can alternatively disable them using the tools offered by such third parties.

The cookie storage period varies depending on the cookie type. Session cookies expire when you close the browser. Permanent cookies are stored on your device for a certain period of time or until you delete them. Permanent cookies usually have a validity period ranging from two months to a couple of years.

For more information on the use of personal information and your rights as the Registered, view our data protection statement.