Avia Properties 2 Oy (business ID 3362849-4) will implement a total demerger on 31st  December 2023. In enforcement of the demerger fifteen (15) new companies shall be established and Avia Properties 2 Oy will cease to exist.

In the demerger all existing lease agreements will remain valid as is. In the future the landlord will be Avia Properties Oy, business ID 3362848-6.

The rental invoices of January 2024 will be invoiced and delivered after date 2nd January  2024 and the due date will exceptionally be 14 days after the date of invoicing. In the future the rental invoices are due as specified in the lease agreement.

A new company established in the demerger, Avia Management Oy business ID
3376168-2, will act as Avia Club service provider and invoicer after the implementation of the demerger. Please check the changed bank account number in service invoice on January.

Your contact person in Avia Real Estate will remain unchanged. In our website www.aviarealestate.fi you can still find current news, information about our properties and vacant premises as well as the contact information of our personnel.

If you have any questions, please contact your main contact person in Avia Real Estate or send an e-mail to info@aviarealestate.fi.

Kind regards

Ilkka Pitkänen