Siipitie 9

Siipitie 9

Are you looking for affordable but practical logistical, warehousing or industrial space at a highly accessible location? Siipitie 9 is a logistics house of many opportunities available for rent at a reasonable price. The property is in a basic condition and located in the immediate vicinity of the airport.  

A 6636 square-metre (7749 gross-area sq. m.) logistical property awaits you right next to the runway, ready for warehousing, storing and production use, either as such or after alteration works to be negotiated with the client.

There is a lot of storage or production space in the house on two floors, and auxiliary spaces for many different uses on three floors. The property contains office spaces for administrative use, workable kitchen spaces in the break rooms, large locker rooms, showers and saunas are ready to serve their users. The building has an optional airside connection.

The property is located in the airport vicinity and has unparalleled connections to all directions via main arteries: 3 km to Ring Road II both to the east and the west, 1.5 km to Tuusula Highway, 8 km to Hämeenlinna Highway and 9.5 km to Lahti Highway. The Vuosaari Harbour is located in less than 20 km.

In the yard area you will find the necessary parking, additional parking capacity can be rented in the area on the opposite side.

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No business spaces available.

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