Finland’s fastest-growing business hub generates success stories. CRM-service – a company providing cloud-based CRM services – chose the airport environment because of its central location and good traffic connections. AVIA Real Estate’s AVIA Pilot has charmed the company personnel by its great services and atmosphere.

Turkka Yli-Hakala and Miia Hjerp felt sad when they closed the door of AVIA Pilot in 2015 before moving over to work for another company. The facilities at AVIA Pilot and its positive atmosphere had made a great impression on them. “Greeting the lobby receptionist Seija Tikkanen on our way out in 2015 we wished to see her again. Luckily, wishes often come true, so they did this time,” Managing Director Turkka Yli-Hakala grins.

A couple of years later, the two workmates returned to CRM-service on AVIA Pilot’s third floor. Two employees soon became four, and the space grew scarce as the personnel increased even more. One year later, the company moved to larger spaces on the office tower’s sixth floor.
– We are 26 persons working presently at CRM-service; 12 persons at the Vantaa office, plus the offices in Jyväskylä and Sweden, Yli-Hakala explains.

High accessibility and mobility make your day

What attracted CRM-service most in the airport environment was its central location and good traffic connections.
– The main reason for our long history at the airport is certainly its location in a hub which is easy to reach from all directions, Yli-Hakala says.

Financial Manager Miia Hjerp nods her head in agreement.
– This is important not only to the personnel, but also the customers. The parking arrangements here are convenient too, which is not the case elsewhere. Here, the customers won’t have to drive in circles for parking, but the area is really easy to arrive in. And you won’t need to pass through the congested city centre, Hjerp adds.

The area’s public transport services are also praised. A company doing international business will benefit considerably from quick air-traffic connections, for example, to and from the office in Sweden or elsewhere in the world.
– Public traffic connections are a big opportunity. Even if you mainly drive your own car, there will always be another option on offer, establishes Operative Director Marja Keso.

– At least every two weeks, someone travels by air. Here is easy to arrive and easy to leave, no matter what the destination, be it Sweden or some other country world-wide. After landing, you’ll be back at the office in 15 minutes, Yli-Hakala smiles.

Great services, but the lobby service is top.

The personnel are happy with the services of AVIA Pilot and the area. There are well-equipped conference rooms on the 13th floor of their own house with magnificent views to the heart of the area. A wide choice of lunch alternatives can be found at a walking distance, and cold meals inside the house as well. You can get a haircut at the downstairs barber’s, and company health-care services are available next door, at the Mehiläinen Medical Centre.
– There is also an amazing offering of hotel facilities nearby: two hotels right at 50 metres’ distance, Yli-Hakala summarises.

The three workmates speak especially warmly of AVIA Pilot’s lobby services.
– A special thanks goes to the lobby service on the house. Many things work well here, but if something works unbelievably well, then it is the lobby service overall. They are beyond excellent, Yli-Hakala confirms.

The colleagues readily share her thankfulness.
– The lobby service is highly individual; matters are taken ownership of. Every time I arrive at work, the reception here is extremely warm. Here they really know the people who are working in the house, and the activity is very humane, Keso continues.

The new Avia Club brings flexibility and versatility

AVIA Real Estate will soon be launching the new Avia Club service to further develop the tenant services on the properties. The new Avia Club concept offers access to versatile services available in the entire area which can be rented by a couple of clicks on demand, without having to lease all of the necessary spaces based on a fixed lease agreement. In the future, the concept will be extended to cover even more benefits, products and services designed for the business community. The development work is carried out in dialogue with the clients, since the target is to create services that can truly raise the client’s daily comfort level.

CRM-service is enthusiastic about the new concept.
– Avia Club makes a whole lot of extra services available to us in the area. This will definitely bring added value to working here. We are very much looking forward to the advancement of the concept, Hjerp says.

– When the space demands vary, it will be great to have the flexibility that the concept offers. This can prove handy for many different needs and occasions, Keso adds.

”It’s not by chance that we have stayed here so long.”

When the number of personnel grew at CRM-Service’s new office, it soon was time to find more space. When two became twelve, the office had to be upsized for the next step, for which AVIA Pilot offered good preconditions the second time already.
– We went to see several buildings with AVIA Real Estate, but ended up leasing more space on the same floor of the same house. What a clever proposal on AVIA Real Estate’s part, Hjerp says.

– One of the reasons why we wanted to stay here is that we are so very much in love with the atmosphere of the house. All of the facilities work so well. AVIA Real Estate can be contacted at any time, they will be at your disposal always.

Looking back the years, the overall feeling that remains for CRM-service is the smooth and successful co-operation with AVIA Real Estate.
– We must say it is not by chance that we have stayed here so long. Everything will always work here, which cannot be taken for granted everywhere. With AVIA Real Estate we have established feasible common policies where the parties allow for flexibility with regard to one another. We have always been able to find common solutions, Yli-Hakala praises the co-operation.

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